Who must perform dust control in Pahrump?
Any person engaged in activities involving the handling, transportation or storage of any material; dismantling or demolition of buildings; grubbing; grading; clearing of land; public or private construction; the operation of machines and equipment; the grading of roads; trenching operations; the operation and use of unpaved parking facilities; and the organization and supervision of public outdoor events shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent fugitive dust from becoming airborne from such activities at all times. Reasonable precautions may include, but are not limited to, sprinkling, compacting, enclosure, chemical or asphalt sealing, cleaning up, sweeping, soil amendments, addition of non-emissible covers or such other measures as Nye County may specify. All control measures selected must be maintained to ensure the visible emissions do not exceed the 20% opacity limit as described in Section 15.28.150.A of the county dust regulation.

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2. Who must perform dust control in Pahrump?
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