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The original item was published from 3/8/2022 2:47:00 PM to 6/22/2022 11:15:42 AM.

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Posted on: March 2, 2022

[ARCHIVED] County campaign sign rules restated; Placement allowed 60 days before the primary, June 14th

With candidate filing underway, and in response to recent questions about campaign sign placements within a Nye County right-of-way, County Code Compliance is restating the regulations that will be enforced. Please note that the 60-days placement is for county rights-of-ways and is from the date of primary, June 14th, and NOT from the start of early voting, May 28th. 

NOTE: No political signs can be placed within a state highway right-of-way. For State sign rules and regulations, visit the Nevada Department of Transportation website.

Nye County Code 12.04 states no signs, whether placed temporally or otherwise, are allowed to be set in the county-regulated area. That being said, we do recognize the fact that many of you have already purchased your signs for this campaign season with the intention you would be allowed to place them as they have been allowed to be placed in the past. Therefore, Code Compliance provided candidates with the guidelines that will be enforced for this primary election season only. 

This decision is with the understanding that Nye County does reserve the right to alter, amend or change these guidelines at their discretion, at any time, to the restrictions spelled out in NCC Chapter 12.04 and NCC Chapter 17.04

Regulations are as follows: Campaign signs will be allowed within County-regulated Right-of-ways subject to the following: 

1. Location: If located along a County maintained road or street, political signs must: 

  1. Be placed a minimum of ten feet (10') off the edge of pavement and appropriately secured to the ground. 
  2. Be placed a minimum of three feet (3') from the flow line of the bar ditch. (Flow lines of County bar ditches are typically 8 to 10 feet from the edge of pavement.) 

2. Sign Size, Area And Height: 

1. Maximum sign area shall be thirty two (32) square feet, with maximum dimensions of four feet (4') tall, excluding frame and supports, by eight feet (8') wide. 

2. Maximum allowed sign height shall be six feet (6'), including sign frames and supports. 

3. Maximum sign width shall be eight feet (8'). 

4. No sign exceeding thirty inches (30") in height, including frame and supports, shall be placed within the sight triangle easement. Sight triangle easements must be maintained at all points of ingress and egress to parking areas and driveways and at all two- and four-way intersections pursuant to the diagram below. 

  1. For all roads with a speed limit of less than 45 mph, a thirty foot (30') clear sight triangle must be maintained. 
  2. For all roads with a speed limit of 45 mph or greater, a sixty foot (60') clear sight triangle must be maintained.

3. Timeframe: Political signs are only permitted to be placed a minimum of sixty 60 calendar days prior to the primary election so long as the sign concerns a candidate, party or question for that primary or the ensuing general election. Political signs must be removed within fifteen 15 calendar days after the primary election if the candidate, party or question is not to be voted on at the ensuing general election or the general election in any other case. Political signs must be removed 15 calendar days after any general or special election. 

4. Compliance: Any such political sign found in violation of the provisions of this section must be brought into conformance immediately upon written notification to the owner of the sign, either by e-mail or mail, return receipt requested. If the violator fails to make appropriate corrections within 3 business days from receipt of notification, the Code Compliance Office or an authorized designee shall remove any signs in violation and impound those signs. Any signs that have been impounded and not claimed within 30 calendar days of removal will become the property of Nye County and will be disposed of at the discretion of the County.

5. The provisions of Nevada Revised Statutes 405.020, 405.030, and 405.110, and Nevada Administrative Code 410.440, prevent the placement of any advertising signs, including political signs, within state highway right- of-way or roads, which are owned or controlled by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)

Nye County Code 12.04.040: SIGNS OR STANDARDS; PLACEMENT: Subject to the provisions of this Chapter, signs are authorized to be erected and maintained provided that the supporting standards are located off the County-regulated area and extend no closer than three feet (3') from the right of way, and provided further that the distance between the bottom of the signboard and the normal level of the sidewalk is not less than twelve feet (12'). (Ord. 45(A) § 5, 1964) 

12.04.050: OBSTRUCTIONS PROHIBITED NEAR HIGHWAY: Except as provided in Section 12.04.040 of this Chapter, no building, vehicle, sign, object or other obstruction of any nature whatsoever shall be permitted to be located or maintained permanently or temporarily on the County-regulated area. However, where the curb line of the highway extends inside and within the highway right of way, and the sidewalk or pedestrian lane is constructed within such right of way with the express permission of the State or any agencies or departments thereof, the County-regulated area shall be defined to be that six-foot (6') strip of land or area adjacent to and bordering on the curb line as distinguished from the right-of-way line. (Ord. 45(A) § 4, 1964) 

12.04.060: OBSTRUCTIONS; REMOVAL: The County shall have the power to abate or remove whatever obstruction or encroachment causing the violation of this Chapter, and if required to do so, shall obtain the reasonable amount expended in causing such removal from the responsible party. Before removal by the County as provided in this Chapter, the responsible party, upon written notice duly given, shall have a reasonable time, not to exceed fifteen (15) days, in which to remove or otherwise abate the obstruction or encroachment in question. (Ord. 45(A) § 8, 1964) 

Concerns about a particular sign that might not be placed in conformance with the regulations must be filed through the Nye County website by filing a formal complaint. Code compliance will no longer be responding to emails or phone calls for complaints.

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