CSBG Employment Incentive Program (E.I.)

Employment Incentive Program (E.I.)

The CSBG EI program is a fiscal year program (October 1 - September 30) that is available to help remove barriers to gaining employment. This grant is for Nye County residents who are actively seeking employment or who are seeking improvement in their current employment (promotion, pay raise for new skills, etc).

Clients must apply and qualify for the Employment Incentive Program.
Based on the income of your entire household you may be eligible for a variety of assistance programs.

A household is defined as all individuals living within the same household who are related to one another by birth, marriage or adoption. Unrelated individuals may also be considered a "family unit" if they share income and living expenses.

*Pre-Employment Assistance and Services:

  • Provides employment services - assisting client with looking for employment, client referral services to employers who qualify for open positions, and to other community services.
  • Resume help for clients who struggle with getting back into the workforce.
  • Transportation - Pre-Employment (job interviews, job fairs, workshops, etc)

*New Employment Miscellaneous Barrier Assistance: 

  • First month/past due rent or mortgage assistance 
  • Past due utility assistance 
  • Rental or utility deposit assistance 
  • Transportation for new employment until first full check, for certifications/trainings that are local or non-local with proof of work schedule or proof of appointment for required certification or training needed 
  • Child Care – (must be a licensed facility) for job search and new employment

Required Documentation:
Bring the following documentation to your local office:

  • Identification for all persons living in the household
    • Valid Nevada Driver's License or Nevada Identification
    • Social Security Card
    • Birth Certificate proving birth in United States
    • Alien Resident Card or Passport
  • Proof of ALL income for entire household for last 30 days from date of application
  • Current rent/mortgage receipts (must have physical address listed)
  • Current utility bills (unless residence is on pre-pay)

**All assistance or services mentioned above is based on eligibility and if funding is available.