Tonopah Justice Court

if you were issued a civil infraction on or after January 1, 2023, which are basic speed violations, under 30 mph over the limit, Please do not pay online at the button below, please go  to and pay your civil infraction on that website.  if your infraction is not in the system, you cannot pay online yet.  if you have a question whether your citation is a civil infraction or misdemeanor traffic, please email the court at, or the number listed to the right.  if you pay at the incorrect site, your payment could be rejected. thank you.  


This pay online button is for misdemeanor traffic citations only, please read the paragraph above!!!!                                                                   




Tonopah Justice Court has jurisdiction in matters pertaining to small claims, evictions, traffic citations, misdemeanors, and limited jurisdiction regarding civil actions and felony and gross misdemeanor matters. The Court performs many duties and functions mandated by the Nevada State Legislature and the Nevada Supreme Court. The Court also provides assistance and works closely with various criminal defendants and numerous justice agencies.

In addition, the Court issues search warrants and arrest warrants, holds arraignments and trials for misdemeanor cases and handles gross misdemeanor and felony cases from the initial arrest through the preliminary hearing stage; to include bail setting and probable cause determinations. The Court is responsible for issuing, reporting and monitoring temporary protective orders for domestic violence or stalking and harassment. The Court hears civil cases with jurisdictional amounts up to $15,000 and small claims cases up to $10,000.


tonopah justice court is requesting letters of interest (with qualifications) for imaging services.  click on the link for more information.  Request for Letters of Interest