Court Attendance Information

Court Attendance Information

A victim/witness should dress neatly and appropriately for court: no shorts, tank tops, or midriff shirts. For more Rules of Conduct please visit the Pahrump Justice Court website.

It is important that victims and witnesses contact our office directly when they have any questions or concerns, so they can be addressed prior to court.


If you are a witness or victim and have been served a subpoena, you must call the number indicated on your subpoena the day before court to verify that you are needed to testify at the court hearing.

Victims and witnesses are entitled to a witness fee if they are subpoenaed and testify in court. Under certain circumstances, victims and witnesses may receive reimbursement for costs of travel. At the time of appearance, a victim and/or witness who testifies in court will fill out the appropriate paperwork to begin the process of receiving $25.00 witness fee. For more information on witness fees and travel arrangements, please contact the front desk at the Nye County District Attorney's Office or visit Tips for Witnesses page.

Once a trial date is set, you will be given a subpoena, which is a court order directing you to appear in court at a specified time and place. It is very important to obey a subpoena. FOR FAILURE TO ATTEND, you may be deemed guilty of contempt of court and liable to pay all losses and damages sustained thereby to parties aggrieved, and forfeit Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) in addition thereto. Under certain circumstances, a material witness warrant can be issued for your arrest if you fail to comply with your subpoena.

If you have been subpoenaed to appear in court and need to confirm if your appearance is required for the date indicated on your subpoena please contact the Nye County District Attorney's Office, (775) 751-7080. Failure to call the day before may result in non-payment of your witness fee.

If you have a scheduling conflict with the date set on the subpoena, please contact the Nye County District Attorney's Office at once so we can look into postponing the case to a more convenient date. We will do our best to accommodate to your needs.