Victims and Witnesses

Victim and Witness Services

As a victim or witness of crime, you may check on the status of the case in which you are involved by calling (775) 751-7080, Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., closed 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. for lunch.

Our office extends victims and witnesses of crime the opportunity to be notified of certain proceedings associated with the case in which they are involved. To better accommodate each individual's needs, the Nye County District Attorney's Office asks victims and witnesses to fill out a Victim/Witness Request Form and submit it to the front desk of either the Pahrump or Tonopah office location. Please visit the Contact Us page for office information. Victims and witnesses who fail to fill out the appropriate paperwork will not be informed of important information pertaining to the case in which they are involved.

Victims requesting restitution should complete a Victim Restitution Request Form and Victim Impact Statement at one of the Nye County District Attorney's Office locations so that the prosecutor and judge can be notified. The judge has sole discretion whether, and in what amount, to order restitution. Unfortunately, many defendants do not have the financial means to make restitution and will not comply with the court's order to pay restitution. If a defendant with the ability to pay fails to make restitution that was a condition of his/her probation or sentencing, that failure can be considered by the court as grounds for revocation of the probation or the defendant can be held for contempt.

A Change of Address Form must be submitted if any changes are made to your contact information. The Change of Address Form can be submitted via mail, fax, email, or in person at one of our offices. Our office can also accept any changes in victim/witness contact information over the phone. It is very IMPORTANT that our office has your most current information on file. If any of your contact information changes, please contact us immediately. Failure to report a change in contact information may prevent us from communicating with you efficiently, or at all.

Rights and Responsibilities of Victims and Witnesses of Crime

In Nevada, the victims of crime have state constitutional and statutory rights which guarantee that their voices will be heard.

If you are a victim of crime or a witness in criminal prosecution, we recommend you review the booklet: "Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Crime Victim and Witness", produced by the Nevada Advisory Council for Prosecuting Attorneys. You may also review the Crime Victim's Bill of Rights information page.

The following is a list of some of the rights you have as a victim of crime:

  • To be free from intimidation or dissuasion;
  • To a secure waiting area, which is not available to the defendant or his family, when you are at court;
  • To be present at all public hearings involving the critical stages of a criminal proceeding;
  • To receive a witness fee for lawful obedience to a subpoena;
  • The right to the return of your property held in custody by the court or a law enforcement agency when it is no longer needed for evidence;

Upon request, victims of crime, personally or through a representative, also have the right to be:

(The departments that can best assist you in reference to these issues are listed below each description.)

  • Heard at all proceedings for the sentencing of a convicted person after trial;
    • Nye County District Attorney's Office, (775) 751-7080
  • Informed of the status or disposition of a criminal proceeding at any stage of the proceeding;
    • Nye County District Attorney's Office (775) 751-7080
  • Informed of the amount of bail for release of the defendant;
    • Nye County Detention Center, (775) 751-7027
  • Informed when the defendant is released from custody at any time before or during trial;
    • Nye County Detention Center, (775) 751-7027
    • VINELink
  • Provided a list of stolen or other personal property belonging to a victim which is being held in custody, by a court or law enforcement agency, unless disclosure or identity of the evidence would seriously hamper the investigation;
    • Nye County Sheriff's Office, (775) 751-7000
  • Notified of any hearing to revoke a defendant's probation or modify a defendant's sentence and to be heard at the hearing;
    • Division of Parole and Probation, (775) 751-3702
  • Notified if the defendant becomes eligible for residential confinement, or if the defendant is released from custody or escapes;
    • Department of Corrections, (775) 887-3285
  • Notified if there has been an application for clemency and to submit written statements or to be heard at the hearing on the application, and to be notified of the disposition of the hearing;
    • State Board of Pardons Commissioners, (775) 687-5049
  • Notified if a prisoner is being considered for parole, and notified of the date of the hearing and given the opportunity to testify and submit documents and notified of their decision on whether to grant parole.
    • State Board of Parole Commissioners, (775) 687-5049

Victims of particular types of crimes may also be entitled to the following:

A Protective Order:

A person who reasonably believes that the crime of sexual assault has been committed against him or her, a person who reasonably believes that the crime of stalking, aggravated stalking or harassment is being committed against him or her or a person who is a victim of an act or existing threat of domestic violence may petition the court for a temporary or extended protective order.

If you feel you are in need of a protective order, please contact the Pahrump Justice Court, (775) 751-7050, for assistance.

Coverage of Expenses and Losses Associated with the Criminal Act:

The Nevada Department of Administration, through its Victims of Crime Program (VOCP) offers many victims of violent crime involving physical injury, threat of physical injury or death and family members of a deceased victim of a crime, reimbursement or assistance with costs and losses that occur because of the crime. For more information visit the VOCP website at or contact them directly at:

Victims of Crime Program
555 East Washington Ave. Ste. 3200
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
Telephone: (702) 486-2740
4600 Kietzke Lane 1-205
Reno, Nevada 89502-5000
Telephone: (775) 688-2900

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 217.480, victims of sexual abuse and the relatives living with such victims may have the right to be provided counseling at no charge. A copy of the applicable statute can be found on the Nevada Law Library website at

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 217.280 through 217.350, victims of sexual assaults occurring in Nye County may be entitled to cost-free medical care for any physical injuries resulting from the sexual assault and provided to the victim not later than 72 hours after the victim first arrives for treatment and a forensic medical examination. If the victim of sexual assault is provided initial emergency care and requires further medical treatment for physical injuries as a result of a sexual assault or if the victim or spouse of such a victim suffers emotional trauma as a result of the sexual assault, the victim or spouse may apply to the board of county commissioners for treatment at the county's expense. The filing of a report with the appropriate law enforcement agency and submission to a forensic medical examination are prerequisites for the victim or any other person eligible to qualify for such treatment and limits apply. A copy of the applicable statutes can be found on the Nevada Law Library website at

In addition our courts have the power to order a defendant who has been found guilty of a crime to provide restitution to his or her victim(s) for such things as medical bills, property damage and stolen property. To request restitution, please complete a Victim Restitution Request Form and Victim Impact Statement and return them to the Nye County District Attorney's Office.