Debt Management Commission

The Debt Management Commission reviews and approves debt issuance by the local government entities and oversight of the indebtedness and debt management plans of the entities. This commission is comprised of one representative of the county, one from the school district, one representative from the General Improvement District; one representative of the County Finance Department, and two representatives of the public at large. This commission meets quarterly of each year and whenever business is presented. The Nye County Board of Commissioners appoint the two public at-large members.


  • To be determined


Agendas are available prior to the meetings

Commission Members

  • Cindy Kaminski, Nye County Representative 
  • Teresa Stoddard, Nye County School District Representative 
  • Vacant, Public at Large Representative 
  • Robin Rivero, Public at Large Representative 
  • Frank Jarvis, General Improvement District Representative 
  • Savannah Rucker, Nye County Financial Staff Representative
  • Mark Kampf, Ex-Officio Clerk of the Debt Management Commission