Nye County eRecording

Nye County is electronically recording (eRecording) documents. eRecording enables the Recorder’s Office to more quickly record your documents.

We encourage you to electronically record documents so that you can begin realizing these benefits today:

  • Streamline Operations – Increase staff productivity and eliminate paper-handling processes and errors
  • Increase Document Security – Filing electronically actually increases document security
  • Save Time and Money – eRecording speeds round-trip recording and is more economical than using a runner, express mail or courier service

The availability of eRecording services means that you are now able to securely and cost-effectively file documents through a Web browser from the comfort and convenience of your office, using nothing more than a PC, scanner and high-speed internet connection.

You can web record directly with us at www.nyerecorder.net or you can us one of the commercial vendors listed below.  

We are accepting documents from the following companies: