Capital Improvement Plans

Pahrump Regional Planning District Impact Fee Ordinance No. 302

An Ordinance proposing to adopt impact fees within the Pahrump Regional Planning District; providing that all impact fees collected must be deposited in an interest-bearing account which clearly identifies the category of capital improvements or facility expansions within the service area for which the fee was imposed; and other matters properly related thereto.

Capital Improvement Plan Streets and Highways FY 2006-2015

The mission of a regional streets and highways Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is to evaluate the existing transportation infrastructure and provide planning for Nye County residents to satisfy the local and regional mobility needs of a growing community in a safe and consistent manner. The CIP presented in the following write-up is a 10 year plan that identifies priority infrastructure needs and annual funding requirements for capital projects with a tentative outline of future projects for an additional 10-yr period identified. Capital infrastructure required for includes roadways and related facilities designed to facilitate the transportation needs of the valleys growing population. This plan addresses both the improvement of existing streets as well as the construction of new roadways designed to accommodate future traffic from existing and proposed development. This CIP enables the County to identify needed capital projects, coordinate financing and establish construction timing. To increase effectiveness, the CIP consists of two crucial segments/ an administrative process to identify and prioritize future capital projects (the Prioritization Procedure) and the fiscal plan to identify annual funding requirements for those projects. For each CIP project the costs for planning, design, construction, and in some cases rights-of-way acquisition are included in the estimates of funding requirements.

The CIP links the planning and budget activities of the county. It can support not only past policy decisions by establishing priorities between competing projects, but can also measure and evaluate the merits of new proposals. Typically, a CIP describes each capital project proposed for development over the forthcoming 10-yr period by listing the year that it is to be started and the cost per year.

Even though the overall process is dynamic and periodically adjusted to fit revised forecasts of growth and fiscal expenditures, the CIP approach to planning insures that priority needs are addressed in a timely manner. This approach is appropriated for areas that are experiencing rapid growth, as is the case in Nye County.

--Tri-Core Engineering

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Capital Improvement Plans and Impact Fees

TischlerBise was retained as part of the Tri-Core Engineering Consultant Team by Nye County, Nevada, to develop capital improvement plans and analyze potential impact fee funding to meet the demands for public facilities generated by new development in the Pahrump Regional Planning District. Capital improvement plans were developed for five types of public capital improvements; (1) Parks and Recreation, (2) Fire, (3) Streets and Highways, (4) Sheriff, and (5) Drainage and Flood Control. TischlerBise then evaluated fees for each category of capital improvements. Methodologies and calculations are presented in this report as supporting documentation for future implementation of impact fees in Nye County.

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