Independent Scientific Investigations Program

Gathering Data and Monitoring

The Independent Scientific Investigations Program (ISIP) is the largest element of the NWRPO's Yucca Mountain Project oversight activities. Under this program element, the County is able to:

  • Gather data for independent analysis of geologic and hydrologic conditions at the site
  • Monitor and review the DOE's scientific characterization of Yucca Mountain

On-Site Representative

Nye County has designated an on-site representative to the Yucca Mountain project, as provided in the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, as amended. The on-site representative:

  • Directs the ISIP
  • Maintains a regular presence at:
    • The Yucca Mountain site
    • The DOE's Las Vegas offices

In addition, the NWRPO's on-site representative represents the County at Yucca Mountain-related meetings, including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Panel.

ISIP Activities

ISIP activities involve:

  • Drilling and instrumenting boreholes
  • Analyzing the geology and geochemistry of drill cuttings
  • Instrumenting tunnels and drifts
  • Monitoring
  • Analyzing data
  • Conducting numerical modeling activities to address the concerns of Nye County