Regulatory & Licensing Oversight

The Nye County NWRPO:

  • Tracks issues of regulatory concern
  • Decides which of these issues are significant to the County's health, safety and economic well being
  • Ensures the County's positions and policies are considered by the DOE, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board (NWTRB), and others

Licensing Activities

The NWRPO is also responsible for guaranteeing Nye County can participate effectively in any licensing proceeding for a repository or interim storage facility. NWRPO's regulatory and licensing activities include:

  • Monitoring EPA, DOE, NRC, and other oversight agencies' regulatory and licensing activities
  • Addressing regulatory and licensing issues with all relevant agencies
  • Working closely with the NWRPO on-site representative to assure the Independent Scientific Investigations Program (ISIP) is addressing issues of regulatory and licensing significance
  • Ensuring Nye County is prepared to participate effectively in any future repository or interim storage facility licensing proceedings