Nye County Safety Committee


The Nye County Safety Committee was created October 7, 1997, with the enactment of Ordinance 203. (Ord. 240, 2001)

The committee specifically is directed and required to:

  • Review specific safety program policies,rules, regulations and training, and other documents and submit same along with recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for approval and adoption; and, upon adoption, issues a corresponding directive to the appropriate individuals/departments for implementation and compliance.
  • Review, study and analyze accident and injury reports and proper reference data, statistics and trends relating to county employees and/or property, and determine and initiate appropriate corrective action with written response requirements.
  • Assist or arrange for the necessary assistance for supervisors and county employee Site Safety Representatives in planning and assuring full employee participation in safety and health instruction and/or training programs; continually monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the county's safety programs; and, propose and require the implementation of changes to the overall program, as well as, individual department programs, as needed to fulfill the goal of fully educating the county's employees regarding workplace safety.
  • Conduct or cause to be conducted periodic facility inspections to detect unsafe conditions and practices with the assistance of the Site Safety Representatives and the county Safety and Training officer. Ensure or cause to be developed various types of guidance and direction to the Site Safety Representatives.
  • Monitor and evaluate suggested employee improvements to existing safety and health rules, procedures and regulations, and make appropriate recommendations for changes to the board. Receive and review suggestions, comments, or complaints from county officials and citizens on matters pertaining to safety.
  • Periodically review and make recommendations to the board regarding suitable hazard elimination and reduction measures. Periodically review and cause to be updated existing work practices and hazard controls.
  • Asses or cause to be assessed and reported the implication of changes in work tasks, operations, facilities and/or processes and initiate appropriate inquiries, directives and recommendations.
  • Conduct or cause to be conducted special investigations, research, or policy development in the area of safety, loss control and risk management with the assistance of the county safety and training officer and the POOL's risk management and loss control specialist.
  • Compile, distribute and/or cause to be disseminated safety, health and hazard communications to the county's employees.
  • Review status of outstanding initiatives, safety work and purchase orders and other related inquiries. Provide updates to the board on a regular basis.


Nye County Safety Committee meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in the Nye County Planning Conference room in Pahrump and via teleconference. 


Agendas are available prior to the meeting.